11 September 2001: sandwich club.

remember now, be here now
as it's not like it was before
the past was, be here now
as it's not like it was before -- it was

stopped at a denny's in emeryville and had a club sandwich next to a guy that was singing along with margaritaville while it played on the muzak tape and he tried to explain to me how the lyrics meant something to him.  tonight was the shelflife september set, and i am totally impressed with the phoebe quest.  zach and jared stanley rock my ass, and they played an elvis costello cover.  after the stripper dumped sushi, sushi should've dumped nancy and let zach be the singer.  i bought the phoebe quest cd and i can't wait to listen to it.  for some reason i missed the entire majestic set even though i really like them.  tracy had her moustache on again, finally, as well as a chairman mao hat that she insisted was supposed to be a biker hat.

i won a prize in the september set raffle!!  it was these fanzines called "i've got a crush."  there are interviews with sweet william, the autocollants, tracey read, chickfactor, kissing book, birdie, club 8, and indiepop groupies ebm and lsb.  rofl.  ebm & lsb.  might i say, ebm's diaryland page is really good, and --well-- i am not too fond of lsb's indie pop cred quiz... or i won't be until all the questions are tailor-made to suit me and my lifestyle, the way they were all custom fitted for mike blackbean and dramamind apparently.  the zines look really good tho, and i can't wait to read 'um.  katrin and her travelling buddy left to make the big drive to portland for the next belle & sebastian show.  i kinda wish i could see portland, since i've never gone.  but, you know, whatev.  someday.

damn it if i don't really wish i could travel somewhere cool.  or anywhere really, because i think most places you've never been can be cool in their own sorts of ways.  ed & jill are moving to the bay area in october?!?  awesome.


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